About Me

Hey There,

My name is Monique! My blog is called Mischyf Paws (mischief paws). This website is about dogs. I will be including articles, tips and product reviews for the fur-baby parent and lovers.

A Little About Me

In 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer. I’m officially a cancer survivor. After cancer, I started a lifestyle blog called Mischyf. This year I decided to niche down my blog into three websites. At the same time, I decided to close my shops of 10 years on Etsy and move them to my own websites. I wanted to have my stores and blogs in the same place. This helps with better organization.

Dogs Dogs Dogs

I have had a dog most of my life. There are very few years where I didn’t have a dog. Those years I was only allowed to have parakeets. Birds make wonderful pets but they are not the same as a dog. Dogs are much better companions and friends. Don’t get me wrong. I love birds but you can’t take a bird for a walk or play fetch with it.

Dogs Growing Up

From the time I was born, we had a beautiful white Samoa dog. He died before I turned 7 years old. I missed him a lot over the years.

The next dog we had was a terry-poo. We got him when I was in my teens. He lived for a long time. He was more my mom’s dog than the family dog. This dog would run to the opening of a chocolate bar. Of course, he never got chocolate but he always begged for it. Weird dog!

Dogs Through the Years

After I started college I bought a lovable chow chow. He was fluffy, lovable and protective. I got him because he looked like a fluffy teddy bear and yet he would protect me while living on my own. He loved kids and disliked men. I had him for 15 1/2 years. He is the dog of my 20s.

When I became a live-in-aide to my mom and moved in with her, she had a Lhasa apso. This dog ruled the house. She was the queen of the couch. She recently died at 16 years old. My mom now has a poodle puppy. Boy! she is full of energy.

Helped Me Through Cancer

After my first chow chow died I got another one. I love the chow chow breed. I call him my noisemaker. He is very chatty and loves hugs. I’ve had him for 12 years. I call him my cancer dog. He was born in July plus he helped me get through my cancer. If I didn’t have him and my mom I don’t think I would have made it through to the other side.

These days my mom and I will sit in our chairs in the living room and play our Nintendo 3D XLS, while both dogs cuddly up in their comfy beds.

We are one happy pack!