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My name is Monique. I own Mischyf Paws. Welcome to my new dog site. I decided to niche down my lifestyle blog into 3 sites.

The first site is Mischyf. It is going to remain my main site with cooking, dehydrating, canning and planning.

Site two is Mischyf Couture. This site will be the sewing, crafting, and online store. It will offer sewing lessons and crafting ideas. Basically, anything I feel like creating or trying out will be found here.

Finally, Mischyf Paws is my new dog site. It is my new dog store and blog about dogs. There will be articles, reviews, tips, gift guides, and an online dog store.

I have shut down all of my stores that were on Etsy. After having multiple stores on Etsy for 10 years, I decided I needed to leave. I no longer liked the new policies they were implementing. Since they went public, they are no longer for the handcraft artist. They seem to be only out for however much money they can get to satisfy their shareholders. It’s very sad that had to happen on a previously amazing site. I wish them well.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Articles will start to post on August 1st. The online dog store will be opening soon. I have new products that I am working on. I hope you come back and check out my new dog site.

Thank you

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